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When you are in a rush and need to print fabulous posters you need to know what you are doing. The purpose of the Best Poster Printing blog & directory is just that. We want to make sure that your prints will be digital masterpieces. We will make sure that your digital output will be second to none by providing you with the best tips in the industry. Whether you are looking for regular large format posters or back-lit film we will help you pick the best digital printing service in Manhattan and the rest of the five boroughs of NYC.

Printing Posters Digitally in NYC: What Makes This Product Unique:

Printing posters digitally has opened up a new world of possibilities in printing quality and options. There are several benefits to using digitally printed posters, from great quality prints in customizable sizes, to showing off vibrant colors, low costs and efficient turn-over time. These are just the most obvious aspects of printing posters digitally but there are less-noticed benefits to using a digital medium.

Using a digital medium allows you to make changes to your design as needed. If you want to change some colors, add some text, edit a part of the picture, or emphasize an area, it can be done very easily. Transferring your image also becomes much easier. You can deliver your poster image via email or USB, so that your boss, editor, and co-workers can make comments or changes to your design. It’s thanks to this feature that there are many digital print shops that can offer their services online. By having an online store, they are able to save overhead costs and deliver their products at competitive rates. The convenience of digital printing allows them to receive your image files online and deliver your posters through carrier. This unique aspect to digital printing makes creating high-quality posters a lot more efficient.

In the big city, time is money, and business need to move quickly. Digital printing is an adaptation to this fast-paced culture. The workflow goes something like this: conceptualization->draft->review->editing->approval->order->printing->delivery. You don’t need to leave your workstation to have your prints created. You only need to send it via the internet.

The level of customization for digital printing is also something to behold. You can create posters in almost any size and shape. You can create one, a hundred, or over a thousand copies of the same poster, and they’d be completely identical to each other. The cost-efficient method of printing digital posters means you can even avail of bulk discounts from large orders. You can also print on many different kinds of materials to suit your needs. You can print on vinyl, plastic, canvas, or adhesive stickers. Digital printing allows the finished product to be UV-resistant (to withstand fading from the sun), water-resistant (for outdoor use), tear-resistant (depending on the material), and still have clear, sharp, and vibrant images. If you have an especially skilled printing shop you may be able to apply 3D-like effects, shimmer, gloss, and different special effects for your customized posters.

All these benefits of digitally-printed posters in NYC have contributed to their popularity as advertising mediums. Common uses for digital printing include: movie posters, sale signs, promotions, restaurant menus, merchandising events, and announcements. Digitally printed posters can easily be rolled up during transit and storage and still look crisp and neat when being displayed.

The high-quality finished product of a digitally-printed poster makes it highly sought after by businesses and individuals alike. People also use digitally-printed posters to show-off family portraits, decorate baby showers, during parties and reunions. The ease and convenience of digital printing makes it possible for everybody to use. When printing posters digitally, be sure to choose a skilled and reputable business to get the best prints possible paired with high-quality service. Poster print shops have became very popular in recent years. The shops are reporting a big increase in sales of this specific product at their stores.


Back-lit Film Printing: From Drive Through’s To Events

Back-lit film printing is a form of media that allows you to shine a light through a printed image making it a highly-visible type of printing which can be viewed clearly night and day. The whole image can be illuminated, but you can also accentuate some parts by only putting lighting around the desired areas. There are lots of uses for back-lit film printing, from marketing, merchandising, artwork, emergency signage, and much more.

Back-lit film mediums have been extensively used in advertising but also in other ways:

Fast food chains are the most common example. Menus and drive-throughs use back-lit film printing due to its high-visibility, making it clear regardless of the time of day.

Store displays have often used this medium to showcase their mainstream products and their logos.

Movie posters in modern cinemas often utilize lightboxes to draw attention to upcoming and currently showing movie titles.

Iconic symbols such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Budweiser have decorated the walls of bars at night using back-lit film printing while Apple stores are decorated with their incredibly recognizable logo.

From emergency exit signs, fire escapes, airport signs, and emergency room entrances, the uses of light-boxes and back-lit film printing have evolved to be able to display full and vivid images.

Transit stations will often have a map of their transport lines on display for people to figure out the details of their trip. Tourist places such as zoos, amusement parks, recreational parks, will often have back-lit maps as well.

Outdoor posters and billboards on rooftops, walls, and bus stops use this technology to get their message across or establish brand presence.

It can be used to decorate your home or office. Whether it’s a family portrait, a picturesque landscape, or an inspirational quote, this beautiful medium can be used to beautify your environment and light up your night.

In product launch events, back-lit film printing can be used to emphasize the product and give it a highly professional appearance.

Hotels, resorts, and tourism companies often use these mediums to advertise in airports, events, and heavily-trafficked city areas.

Backlit film printing produces clear, sharp images, which are visible day and night. They look very professional and modern. If you get a good printing service, the prints will come out very vibrant and last much longer than traditional prints. They are generally scratch and water resistant and can withstand damage from direct UV sunlight exposure for years. It is also possible to order prints for windows or adhesive film so you can place your image over a window, lightbox, or other light-sources for your personalized uses.

Emphasized lighting on your back-lit poster can allow for some creativity in the message. Whether you choose to focus on a particular area of your image, highlight certain words, or create a hidden message, the possibilities are endless. Printing technology has brought a new dimension of life to still images. Put more life into your images by utilizing back-lit film printing services and bring attention to your message.

T-shirt Printing For Stylish NYC Residents

So posters are really cool, especially custom ones so while you are at it why not post a custom graphic on your apparel and make the statement you have always dreamed of. Our rush T-shirt printing service provides you with the high quality digital printing on T-shirts and any other apparel for that matter. So what are you waiting for look and feel however you please and order yourself some custom apparel.
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